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Actual Workshops

Course   City Date Price  
Docker, Compose & Swarm beginners Amsterdam 14. - 15. 5. 2018 600 EUR register

What is Docker

Docker is container platfor which provide strictly defined and separated enviroment for run your application. Docker has many advantages, you have full control of environment of every part of your application. You can use somewhere Debian, otherwhere Cent OS, and host it on one server. Docker also provide security level to separate every application from one large system to many microservices on one host. Containers will se just what you grant them.

About me

My name is Ondrej Sika and I am a software engineer at Slush Pool (Bitcoin mining) and I also do trainings and consulting. Most of time, I do Docker courses, but I also do Git & Gitlab trainings and Continues Integration. Those couses boost your productivity to maximum.

Every couses I do personally. I have more than 3 years of Docker experiences and I work with Docker on daily basis. I am using Docker in development, for testing and in production. I can not imagine working without it.

Course agenda

In two days, we will learn:

  • What Docker is, why use Docker and it’s advanages & disadvanages
  • How to install Docker and basic terminology
  • Docker registry and running containers
  • Building own images
  • Multi-container aplications and Docker Compose
  • Docker Machine - Docker host manager
  • Docker Swarm - Docker’s native cluser
  • Deployment into the Swarm
  • Production setting of Docker
  • Container monitoring a management in production
  • Basic usage in CI (Continues Itegration)

About the training

I think, the workshop is the best way how to learn something now. I beleve, the practical experience is the best you can learn, becouse every my trainings are workshops. Public workshops are located in meeting rooms of some local coworking spaces and I also do inhose workshops for companies. After training, you get an participation certificate.


Price of two day workhosp is 600 EUR per person, in case of you want in house trainings, write me email and I’ll send you the pricing. I can suite couse agenda exactly to your company needs.

Students, Universities and non-profit organisations have 50% discount.

If you are a group of people, you can write me email for some goup discount.

I am interested in training

If you are interested, just write me email for more informations or just order training.


Ondrej Sika

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Public talks

Sometimes I do public taks, if you are an orginazer of some meetup, let me know, I can speek there.

This is an Ondrej Sika's project.